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Because children are the beautiful and joyful smile of life, and because a healthy childhood is their right and our duty as well, Ayach Al Tofoula was founded for a noble, humane goal. The privilege, away from any personal interest, is given to its founder the Pop Star Ramy Ayach.

Ayach Al Tofoula is Ramy Ayach’s dream which has occupied his mind for the last ten years; he began working on such a project in an actual and serious matter in the year 2009.

Ayach Al Tofoula wishes to carry a child’s smile, so as to relive a new dream life. What we mean is that children of the world should be blessed by a safe and stable family environment, and must enjoy a healthy body same as all the other hale and hearty. Besides, children must learn, succeed and build a bright and a happy future away from disease, poverty and destitution. So we help them outpace their plight and tragedy to restore their self-confidence and poise in a better life. As a result, our children would stop asking the question that brings them as well as their families the trait of frustration. Why me? Why us?

Love is the key of resolving the impossible! It’s a miracle!
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